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During this past year, it has been extremely rewarding for us to serve the people of Rwanda and Malawi...

Words can not describe how great the need is both spiritually and physically, and how appreciative the Rwandans & Malawians are to receive us. WCF does a "world of good," not only for those receiving the assistance, but for those giving of their time and resources.

From Wall St to Haiti

I spent more than 20 years working on Wall St and I was accustomed to working on the latest and fastest computers

From a Physician's point of view...

I was moved beyond words when his wife informed me that the only time he is treated for his hypertension is when I come to Malawi...

WCF Medical Team near the Syrian Border

WCF's ongoing commitment to the Syrian/Iraqi war refugee crisis

Business Training in a remote, challenged area in Nicaragua

In February 2017, WCF organized and sent a Training Team to go to Nicaragua in Central America, which is the second most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere.